• Creativity and Contemporaneity

The Kitchen

Creating emotions, giving sensations through my preparations is my philosophy and my concept of work.

The particularity that characterizes my preparations is dictated by the knowledge of the products and raw materials.

Discovering, with curiosity, day after day new combinations serves to venture and create every dish in a tailored way, this makes my profession thus become a creative vocation at the service of guests.

My preparations are mainly based on the use of the highest quality raw materials. My cuisine is express, contemporary and research.

It is characterized by a few elements on the plate, drawn from the roots of Italian cuisine, from contaminations, from the past, from ingenuity and from the study I carry out together with my staff.

Our raw materials

“Pasta Fresca” pulled at the moment, as it once was

Our pasta fresca is pulled and maked on the spot. With these simple gestures, we want to enhance our tradition, which creates a perfect alchemy with the creativity and topicality of our dishes.

Only biological vegetables

The fruit and vegetables we process every day are strictly biological. We only use fresh and seasonal products in order to enhance their organoleptic qualities.

Fish and crustaceans from the Mediterranean

The fish products, always chosen with particular attention, come only from the Mediterranean basin.
The high quality, the great variety that our seas offer us and our skilful workmanship, allow us to obtain an excellent finished product.

Refined meats for contemporary dishes

Particular attention is paid to the choice of meats used in our preparations. They are selected from the best farms to guarantee a constant and very high quality.